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SMART Customer Experience

"In a world of SMART devices and SMART customers, we need to find a way to create SMART Customer Experiences." ~ Mike Saunders, CEO of DigitLab

People today have become integrally connected to technology-it is a part of everyday life and has changed the way we talk, work, play, socialise, shop, and entertain ourselves.

In marketing today, mapping customer paths is not possible - there are too many variations that appear with our new adventurous consumer. We need to find a better way to create customer experiences that still allows customers to 'choose their own adventure'.

In this paper we unpack the elements that you need to keep in mind when designing a SMART Customer Experience.  We discuss why consumers are now carving their own paths and explain how Social, Mobile, Agility, Research and Transformation need to be are the forefront of your customer experience design.

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29 May 2014 14:23