#MobileRocks SA Media Channels: Part 1 of the AMPS Mobile Report

Part 1 of the AMPS Mobile Report by Silverstone and the MMA SA has been released. The report provides a mobile perspective of the SA Audience based on AMPS2013AB data.
SA Mobile Audience Breakdown

97% of SA Adult Audience reached through Mobile in Households with an audience of 37.2m adults (aged 15+) in South Africa, marketers can reach 36m (97%) through a cellphone in their household. In fact there are an average of 2.4 phones per household and 32.2m individual cellphone owners.

#MobileRocks SA Media Channels: Part 1 of the AMPS Mobile Report
14.6m cellphone owners (39% of all adults) only use voice, SMS or USSD, but no data. So you can reach them with text and voice marketing, and engage them with interactive SMS, USSD and IVR applications. 39% use ONLY Voice, SMS and USSD on phones in SA - you can't reach them through Ad Networks, Google or Facebook.

The other 17.7m (48% of adults) use voice, SMS, USSD and mobile data, which means they browse the mobile internet and use apps. They are generally more affluent and can be reached through display advertising including rich media ads whilst browsing the net or using apps, MMS messaging, email and push notifications through apps.

48% use data on their phones, but beware of falling in the Smartphone App Trap. According to the AMPS survey there are 13.2m smartphone owners out there - but since the concept of a smartphone is so nebulous, we prefer to focus on the mobile data user segment as opposed to smartphone owners.

5% own a tablet (1.8m) and grew almost 300% between 2012 and 2013. A significant 5% of adults or 1.8m consumers own a tablet - they consume loads more data and media than the average consumer, and represent a very interesting and rapidly growing advertising audience segment.

The "Fixed Internet" accessed via desktop or laptop computer, is used by 6.5m consumers or 17% of the adult population.

MillwardBrown AdReaction 2014 - Multi-Screening

A special word of thanks to MillwardBrown, who allowed us to publish an excerpt of their AdReaction2014 Report on Multi-Screening in South Africa.

In SA Mobile is also the First Screen for Multi-Screeners. The South African audience follows the global trend where for an audience with
access to Television, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone:
    1. 29% : 127 minutes of daily screen time one smartphones
    2. 27% : 115 minutes on Television
    3. 29% : 126 minutes on Laptop
    4. 15% : 63 minutes on Tablet
The interesting breakdown they've provided relates to the fact that 31% of media time is spent engaging simultaneously with multiple screens, e.g. Television and Smartphone which obviously has significant implications for traditional television advertisers.

Implications for marketers

The bottom line is that in South Africa we live in a mobile first society: advertisers need to plan and budget more for mobile. The audience is mobile, and even if they have access to the internet through a computer - the immediacy, utility and personal nature of a mobile phone - gives it an undeniable place in any marketing or advertising campaign or media budget.

This report is designed to provide the stats and facts to help business leadership, advertisers and marketers to get to grips with the scope of the mobile media opportunity in SA.

"South African marketers know WHY they have to go mobile, but are looking more and more for the HOW to go mobile - these latest numbers give us insights into both!" Says Candice Goodman, Chairman of the MMA.

"Mobile is the future of marketing in South Africa. Being able to offer marketing stakeholders this invaluable research is a core focus of the MMA for 2014/2015," says MMA SA Vice Chair, Nicolle Harding.

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