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The Talent Boom, global creative, design and digital executive search agency launched in SA

Start-up global talent search firm recently launched its HQ in Cape Town, working with senior to executive creative and digital talent across Asia, Africa and Europe and partnering with agencies and corporate companies worldwide.
The Talent Boom, global creative, design and digital executive search agency launched in SA
The Talent Boom, a global creative, advertising, media, digital, design and filming executive search agency, has launched in Cape Town. Representing some of the world's top talent and partnering with leading agencies and corporate companies around the globe, The Talent Boom was set up by founder Emily Keyes to connect creativity and breathe new life into the international creative search industry.

Emily Keyes, an international creative recruiter, has been based in three countries and placed talent in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and The Middle East. After living and working in the creative scene in the UK and Amsterdam, Emily founded The Talent Boom and decided to bring this to Cape Town. "Africa is a place I have always loved, so I decided to not just partner with companies here, but to actually be based here. I find the country bursting with Creativity. I also love the fact that I can bring my knowledge and network of talent here. For example, I've seen digital emerge in other countries, seen talent go through the process and placed talent to develop this process. Coming to South Africa, I can be involved in this process again which is extremely exciting for me. I'm also keen to add my experience of pure UX, what's needed, how it's done, how it can bring an account alive and how to find the right UX talent."

Their network ranges from CEOs and GMs of creative agencies, to creative directors, creative teams, senior media, marketing and brand leaders, account directors, digital designers, strategists, developers and UX talent.

As The Talent Boom is a global company, not only do they work with local companies across South Africa but also across Europe and the APAC region. One of their approaches as a global agency in South Africa is to work with their international network and partner with agencies on executive search. "We know there's amazing talent in South Africa, however, as another approach, if a company in SA is keen to see international talent, our job would be to reach out to South Africans abroad. Whether they are based in the UK, Australia or Europe, we will present them with exciting opportunities back home and work with them all the way through the process. The Talent Boom has a number of unique ways from our loyal and long-standing network in which to find candidates that are not actively in the job market, but top talent is always keen to hear about opportunities once presented to them."

If you're interested in having a conversation with Emily or the team about a new career, or if you are hiring and need fresh talent, please contact or 0214811842.

4 Jul 2013 12:25