NATIVE ranks prominently at Bookmarks 2012

NATIVE recently had a very good showing at the Bookmarks Awards 2012, taking home six of the coveted Bookmarks pixels. In addition, these wins saw the agency being ranked second overall in the Finweek Bookmarks Agency Ranking, ahead of most of the major players in the market. The agency received three silver and one bronze award for the Close the Tap campaign while Best Media Planner and Best Account Manager titles were awarded to two of the agency's own.
"NATIVE is a people-centric business," notes Jason Xenopoulos, NATIVE CEO. "We are obsessed with creating a robust and distinctive culture - one that allows all NATIVEs to excel."

Xenopoulos elaborates by highlighting that the agency nurtures and continuously grows talent through various internal initiatives such as the NATIVE Academy, Axe Sharpeners and NATIVE Alchemy. Each of these initiatives is aimed at up-skilling staff, sparking creativity and supporting passion projects through funding and allocation of time and resources. It is through Alchemy that the multi-award winning #CloseTheTap campaign was born.

In association with FLOW, a team of passionate NATIVEs went to task to create awareness around the growing Global Water Crisis through an innovative use of a flowing tap and social media. Often giving up their free time to strategize, implement and drive the campaign, they reached their goal of 10,000 tweets which eventually closed the tap.

"We recognise that our people need to grow and develop, both personally and professionally," he adds. "Allowing them to channel their creative energies into projects such as #CloseTheTap continuously motivates them to seek out creative solutions to modern day problems. It cultivates a new way of thinking that is being realised in the quality of work that our clients are enjoying. Being graded second in the Finweek Bookmarks Agency ranking because of the awards that we received for #CloseTheTap, and the recognition that Leanne Godden and Jarred Mailer received for Best Account Manager and Best Media Planner respectively, only strengthens our resolve to continuously invest in our people and cultivate an environment where they can thrive to become the very best the industry has to offer."

21 Nov 2012 10:57