Turbovite gets a fresh boost of digital energy

As a complete new generation body and mind energy range, Turbovite wanted a digital space which reflected its edgy, funky brand offerings. Which is why NATIVE was the perfect agency to tackle its website redesign and Facebook application.
It was key that the website showcased the product range in an accessible way, while also being an easy space for the user to navigate through its retail outlets and various sponsorship projects.

On arrival to the website's homepage, NATIVE utilised a clean slider mechanic which allows the user to scroll through the site's entire contents through the main feature area. It's a clever and eye catching mechanism which is as easy to use as it is visually impressive.

Copy is kept minimalistic while large, bold images of the product dominate - a design direction decided upon with brand building and recognition as key focus areas of the new website.

NATIVE then proposed the idea of a novel Facebook application: a Turbovite infographic. A visual statistic display of all of your Facebook activity over the past 12 months, the Turbovite Turbographic was intended to play on the brand's positioning of "getting things done." Pulling various bits of data from the user's Facebook account, it only took a minute to show you how much you actually get done, especially on Facebook.

With no additional marketing or advertising around the campaign other than word of mouth, 399 people created their own Turbovite Turbographics and 101 people shared the application on Facebook within two weeks after launch.

As a first time project with Turbovite, NATIVE enjoyed the opportunity to take this exciting brand to a whole new level.

out the Turbovite Turbographics at http://www.turbovite.co.za/tg/.

20 Apr 2012 11:36