Newbie NATIVE wins five Bookmark awards

NATIVE proudly took home five Bookmark 2011 awards following last night's glamorous awards evening.
"Being placed among the best of the best in the marketing industry with 12 finalist nominations and walking away with five awards is both thrilling and humbling for us considering NATIVE has only been trading for 11 months," says Ben Wagner, Chief Marketing Warrior NATIVE. "To be recognised by our peers so early in the life of NATIVE really validates the decision that was made to merge almost a year ago."

Wagner says NATIVE is also exceptionally proud of the blend it has achieved in both the work and individual awards categories. "We went out and shouted that NATIVE is a full-service, independent agency and these awards prove just how diverse our work has been."

NATIVE won two bronze awards, one for NATIVEOS, its own proprietary platform, in the Applications & Tools - Browser Based Software category and one for its work on Appletiser in the Social Media Platform Category. The agency was also awarded two silver awards, firstly for the Hunter's Facebook Refresh campaign in the Community and PR - Social Media Campaign category and secondly for the VISI website in the Specialist Publisher category.

"The cherry on top was, our CEO, Jason Xenopoulos being honoured with the award for the Best individual contribution to SA Digital Media and Marketing. It was a victorious evening for us considering our focus for this year has not been to chase awards through once-off campaigns, but rather to put our efforts into producing great creative work year on year. This first year for NATIVE has really been about 'building the machine' that will produce excellence year after year for our clients. We feel truly honoured to have received these awards," concludes Ben.

11 Nov 2011 11:00