Fashionistas flock to Foschini's new website

Foschini's collaboration with the country's largest, fully-integrated digital agency, NATIVE, has brought about the inspired creation of a new website,, that is both cutting-edge and progressive.
"With the realisation that fashion conscious consumers are increasingly showing an interest in engaging with and talking about brands online, Foschini wanted to integrate their consumers' online experience with the real-world experience of the brand. With a bold high fashion interface redesign bringing it more in line with international fashion trends, it has been an exciting project to work on and one which allowed us to incorporate a visually engaging interface while harnessing the power of community and social media," says Ben Wagner, Chief Marketing Warrior NATIVE.

Not only can brand-conscious fashionistas now get inside insights into the latest season's trends by being able to view collections of all the latest looks, they also have access to the online Fashion Friends feature. Here consumers have the opportunity to receive expert fashion advice on exactly how to wear items to achieve a certain look.

In the rapidly changing world of fashion, Foschini is now able to provide consumers with up-to-date content which gives customers the opportunity to purchase the specific garment, accessory or cosmetic item knowing that what is featured on-site is available in-store. "Foschini fans can now walk into select stores and pick-out their entire outfit or collection having already pre-selected their chosen look online," Wagner adds.

The site allows visitors to engage online with friends regarding their fashion choices. Registered users have their own LookBook where they can arrange, save and share their own collections within their social networking sites.

"Having gone live in mid-June, the new site has already received plenty of positive feedback from consumers who love the convenience of being able to shop and engage with friends and experts online," says Wagner. "The innovative online competitions have also been a hot topic within fashion circles. Registered users stand the chance of winning some great prizes."

Another way Foschini is able to actively engage with their customers is through the Fashion Poll section on the website where interesting and relevant topics are put to the public experts who offer their opinions. Through this tool, Foschini is not only seen as the go-to site for fashion advice but also gains valuable insights and opinions from their customers which can be acted on accordingly.

"We are extremely pleased with the end-product," concludes Wagner, "and with the internet and social media, in particular, having played a transformative role in retail marketing around the world we are confident that we have given Foschini the right digital platform to reinforce itself as a progressive and forward-thinking brand."

5 Oct 2011 09:32