NATIVE already gathers birds, bookmarks and assegais

NATIVE, South Africa's first truly full service digital agency, is proud to announce recent wins in multiple awards shows from three different and highly prestigious industry award associations, namely The Loeries, the Assegais and most recently the Bookmarks.
NATIVE already gathers birds, bookmarks and assegais
NATIVE was formed on the back of a merger between Brandsh, Stonewall+ and Cambrient - all three highly successful digital agencies. "These awards are for work completed prior to the merger but the fact that we're achieving such high accolades individually bodes well for a future which sees all three agencies pooling their resources, creativity and expertise," says Jason Xenopoulos, NATIVE CEO.

Within the last three months, NATIVE has received the following awards:

The Bookmark Awards
  • Bronze Bookmark - Stonewall+ for Chevrolet Thank Spark Microsite:
  • Gold Bookmark - Jarred Cinman & Saul Kropman won for the Digital Edge, a tech and digital podcast powered by Cambrient:
The Loerie Awards
  • Gold Loerie - Xenopoulos and his team received a Campaign Gold in the Experiential: TV Infomercials category for their production of the Scotland from Home series.
  • Silver Loerie - Xenopoulos and team also received a Campaign Silver in the category Experiential: Mixed-Media Campaign for their production of the full Scotland from Home campaign.
  • Bronze Loerie - Stonewall+ received a Bronze Loerie for the design of the Stonewall+ website:
Assegai Awards
  • Gold Assegai - Stonewall+ won a Gold Assegai for the online advertising category for the Stonewall+ Interactive Press Release:
  • Merit Certificate - Stonewall+ won for Hot New Spark Mobile together with UM Connect powered by Lighthouse Digital
FWA Awards
  • Site of the Day - Stonewall+ won site of the day within this prestigious global design award for the Stonewall+ website:
"This is a tremendous achievement for NATIVE, creating an even stronger foundation for future success," says Xenopoulos. "We're particularly pleased that the awards show a good mix of creativity and craft (The Loeries, FWA) and results oriented (Bookmarks, Assegai's) achievements."

These achievements also speak towards the great talent within the agency, which is made up of individuals who have achieved success of their own within the industry. Andy Ellis, Creative Director at Stonewall+ and former Men's Health editor, was recently a runner up in the best health and wellness category of the PICA awards.

"Creativity is key to the success of any digital agency, but the desire to achieve tangible results is also a driving force. Congratulations to all involved in each of these awards, as they are fantastic achievements," concludes Xenopoulos.

22 Nov 2010 14:37