The Digital Edge Live Johannesburg

The Digital Edge Live Johannesburg, produced by Cambrient, will be brought to Jozi in September 2010 for the first time, in association with The podcast, the voice of digital marketing in South Africa, went live for the first time ever with great success and demand in Cape Town in March 2010.
The Digital Edge Live Johannesburg
Known as the voice of digital marketing in South Africa, The Digital Edge will be going offline to showcase the very best of digital marketing that South Africa and the world has to offer. Hosts of the show are podcast presenter, Saul Kropman and Jarred Cinman, co-presenter and software and creative director of Cambrient. They will be looking at a wide range of topics to help bring South Africa's traditional marketers up to speed in the rapidly changing environment of online marketing.

At The Digital Edge Live Jo'burg, and for the first time in South Africa, Cambrient will launch the results of a research survey, which testifies to the significant lag in South African marketers to adapt towards digital. Changing media consumption patterns are noticeable, as worldwide the Internet is quickly becoming the number one media medium of choice. Marketers serve as key decision makers in how their brands are positioned and as a result what advertising and other marketing strategies to employ. The shift in consumer habits worldwide should be a solid reason why marketers need to acknowledge the importance of online, yet the investment figures in total online advertising and media spend do not reflect this. The disproportionate investment to demand ratio is a key driver for the study that will help marketers to understand why the adoption of digital marketing has lagged usage.

The show breaks all regular conference conventions - no death by Powerpoint, only fresh, live interviews with some of the country's leading experts in digital media and marketing. The Digital Edge podcast exposes you to the inner workings of digital marketing, and profiles some of the biggest stories in the business every week in MP3 format.

Guests will present themselves and their businesses, and leverage off the platform to create opportunities throughout the event. The actual setup of the event will be similar to the podcast, which interviews professionals on predetermined insightful topics. In addition to well-known industry experts, some of whom where on the panel for the Cape Town show, a host of new speakers have been specially selected. Attendees will also be entertained with a live acoustic performance by singer and songwriter Jamon White. Jamon White and fellow guitarist Jeff Bassett are fast becoming noticed for their original songwriting talent and will perform from their up-and-coming album, visit

Cambrient is partnering with to ensure the best experience is offered to all attendees. The Digital Edge Live will be hosted at The Alexander Theatre on Thursday 16 September 2010 from 14h00 until 18h00. Refreshments will be served from 18h00 to 19h00. Tickets cost R950.00 per person and include free parking. Attendees should make use of free parking at Constitutional Hill Facilities where bus services will transfer guests to The Alex from 12h30 until the last bus leaves at 13h45. Bus services will resume from The Alex after the event from 18h30 until the last bus leaves at 19h15. Guests are encouraged to join the panelists, presenters and organisers after the event for complimentary cocktail snacks and beverages and to utilise this time for networking.

The Digital Edge Live is set to become a national annual event to be hosted again in Cape Town in March 2011. Visit for more information and to download a booking form. For press assistance contact Pamela Tosh Event & Media Solutions on 021 705 8416 or 083 475 2281, email or visit the website

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