Mobile campaign reaches thousands of young South Africans

loveLife, South Africa's national HIV prevention programme for young people, recently teamed up with Brandsh, an online mobile and social media agency, to promote their mobile-based social network, MYMsta, to South African youth.
loveLife asked Brandsh to develop an innovative mobile media campaign which saw the creation of a MXit community designed to drive youngsters to the MYMsta mobi site, as well as to highlight some of the key features of the site.

"The mobile media campaign was highly successful," says Duncan Harling, loveLIfe's mobile marketing specialist. "In just four months our subscriber based increased by more than 6500 members."

MYMsta is a mobile social network which provides South African youth with access to user-friendly information about HIV, tips on how to improve their lives with workplace skills, bursary information and employment opportunities. MYMta stems from loveLife's belief that it is young people's tolerance of risk due to their circumstances and other variables that continues to drive the epidemic, and not their disregard for the message of HIV prevention.

"MYMsta is dedicated to youth empowerment. We want to get teenagers to speak to each other through our network and to also realise that a better life is within their reach," says Harling. "The Brandsh MXit campaign helped us target a defined audience with meaningful content, helping us significantly increase our membership base. It has played a successful part in our overall goals, which are to reach more people and to engage with them with new and immediate information."

Mobile was the ideal medium for loveLife to reach their objectives as South Africa has over 10-million mobile internet users and over 11-million registered MXit users.

"The key to a successful mobile media campaign is to ensure the content is relevant," says Angus Robinson, Brandsh CEO. "Content must be topical, taking into account the wants and needs of your target audience as well as the timing of your communication."

The MYMsta MXit Hosted Contact allowed MXit users to add MYMsta as a 'friend', providing basic information about MYMsta, including an enquiry form, and highlighting some of the top features of the MYMsta mobi site, such as the competitions, personality tests and top new career opportunities. The MXit site also included career tips and success stories.

The target audience was able to relate to the content provided, which was illustrated by the total number of users who visited MYMsta via the web link (18, 665) and each subscriber clicked on at least nine different content spaces, i.e., there was a ratio of content interactions to subscribers at 9:1.

"The success of this campaign is proof that engagement, interaction and useful content provide a meaningful experience for consumers," concludes Robinson.

20 Sep 2009 13:23