Stonewall+ celebrates a FWA win with 'Tribute to Click'

Stonewall+, the digital marketing agency, has been acknowledged as a creative standout among its peers. The Stonewall+ company website,, has been voted website of the day by the FWA (Favourite Website Awards).
The FWA is the leading website award programme. An authority that has attracted over 75 million visits since its inception. Recognition inside of this programme is a clear indication of Stonewall's continual evolution as a truly creative agency.

"To be acknowledged by the programme is an incredible feeling. We've set ourselves various goals this year and this is one of them! Our team has risen to the challenge of upping the ante creatively and this we feel is only the beginning of where we want to be," says Adam Whitehouse, Executive Creative Director.

The site,, pays homage to an icon that has been around since the birth of the World Wide Web. Amazon and Yahoo, the rise of Google, Twitter, FaceBook and Bing. What would they be without you and your clicking finger?

Visitors to the tribute site will find their groove on an album that pays respect to the icon. The ambient vibe was created in collaboration with Say Thank You, the boutique music and sound production agency, and electronic music guru, Sibot. The flipside of the album features a showcase of Stonewall's services and a portfolio of work that has won industry acknowledgment and respect thanks to... you guessed it. The click.

"At Stonewall+ we've learned how critical it is to create online environments that encourage a positive clicking experience. For us, the click is not a thing we absentmindedly do. Click is a persona. Click is the user. That means understanding clicking power. Knowing what spurns a finger to click and encouraging it to explore a website or to interact with a rich media banner are what our clients require and what we've built our business on," says the Stonewall+ CEO, Ben Wagner.

There is no doubt that in digital marketing one thing will remain key, creating credible online experiences that drive user interaction and participation, whilst delighting their index fingers as they click their way into the future.

About Stonewall+ Digital Marketing

Stonewall+, The Digital Marketing Agency, serves world-class companies and marketers such as Anglo American, Aspen Pharmacare, Checkers, Distell, DStv, Exclusives, General Motors, Investec, MTV, Nashua Mobile, Neotel, Nedgroup Investments, Nestlé, Old Mutual, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sea Harvest, Shoprite, Siemens, Unilever, Red Bull and Vodacom. Stonewall+ engages with clients to effect change on a strategic level first, before creating user-centric experiences that build brands and transform the way in which people interact with them.

Founded in 1997, Stonewall+ has been highly acknowledged for broadcast and interactive projects locally and internationally, whilst been published in three international Taschen publications. With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Stonewall+ makes it possible for businesses around South Africa, and the world, to strengthen their brands in the digital and online environment.

24 May 2010 09:48