[The Digital Edge] Pick n Pay 2.0

On this week's episode of The Digital Edge we take a look at the newly built Pick n Pay website, which after six months in development has finally emerged into the public eye.
[The Digital Edge] Pick n Pay 2.0
This week looks into what it takes to build a online space as large as the Pick n Pay websites from the perspective of the client and the digital agencies involved.

We speak to Lyndsay Webster-Rozon of Pick N Pay to understand the reason behind the new website as well as why build such an amazing site for a business that fulfills most of its transactions offline. We then speak to Newton Wilshire and Adam Brandt of Aqua Online to give us the strategy behind the site and some its stand out features. Finally we get the Cambrient team in to tell us about the architecture and technical considerations behind the site and what it takes to make sites of such a large scale.

If you're looking to outsource your corporate website or are just interested in what it takes to build a site of such magnitude, listen on Monday to find out.

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3 May 2010 06:42