[The Digital Edge] Episode 50: A look back

For both our 50th episode and the last show for the year, The Digital Edge takes a look back at some of our favourite episodes of the year.
[The Digital Edge] Episode 50: A look backWe'll be listening to our quiz show, a profanity laced roller coaster as well as look into why the online space is a white boys club. We'll also tackle piracy and it's cousin privacy. While we're at it, The Bookmarks were a big feature in digital in 2009 and we take a look at some of the winners and speak to them about their work.

If you're looking for a quick Digital Edge catchup or just want to enjoy the best of the year then this is a fantastic episode to round off a fantastic year.

Download the episode from www.thedigitaledge.co.za ON MONDAY DECEMBER 21st AT 12PM.

21 Dec 2009 09:00