[The Digital Edge] The world of online dating

With summer loving just around the corner The Digital Edge decided to take an amorous look at the constantly growing trend of online dating. Are you a creepy lurker for using online dating or is it a product of a world where time is at a premium? The simple fact remains, when telling your kids you met your partner on the Internet, it's hardly a romantic story.
[The Digital Edge] The world of online dating
We speak to a creator of an online dating service as well as an author of an online dating book to try understand who uses the service, why they use it and whether there is still a stigma attached to online dating. We also get the opinion of people that have used online dating both for better and for worse.

If you want to know if love can really be found online then you'll definitely want to listen to this episode of The Digital Edge.

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7 Dec 2009 12:13