[The Digital Edge] Eskom reputation meltdown

Combined with the power cuts of last year, the latest leadership debacle within the state-owned electricity provider has left Eskom's reputation in tatters, and South Africans angry.
[The Digital Edge] Eskom reputation meltdown
This week The Digital Edge teams up with Mandy De Waal from Mandylives to investigate the issue of the Eskom leadership meltdown and what it means for the Eskom brand and South Africa. And what other brands can learn from the way the whole matter was handled.

We speak to Chris Yelland of EE Publishers to explain the situtation and then Clive Simpkins, a brand expert tells us what this means from a branding and reputation perspective. Finally Ingrid Rubin from Online Reputation Management company Saidwot brings us the statistics of what's people are saying online about Eskom. She also gives us a few tips on how best to deal with your brand devolving online.

Take a listen to this special edition of The Digital Edge this week as we pull on our investigative pants and bring you the story behind the story.

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23 Nov 2009 12:25