[The Digital Edge] Are social media experts necessary?

In this week's Digital Edge we investigate the topic of Social Media Agencies to see what their relevance is in this day and age.
[The Digital Edge] Are social media experts necessary?With Social Media going from a unique, niche outlet to a mainstream marketing tool, so has the role of the Social Media Marketing Agency changed. Where previously there was a lack of knowledge in the fields of blogging, Twitter and Facebook the explosion of these mediums has given rise to fairly competent "amateur" social media experts. With terms such as Social Media Guru, Expert and Rock Star being thrown around like candy at a paedophile convention how do you choose an agency to represent your company online? Should you hire a pimply fifteen year old that knows more about Social Media and who could possibly do a better job anyway?

We pose this topic to some of the countries eminent Social Media Agencies to find out.

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2 Nov 2009 13:05