[The Digital Edge] Email marketing

In this week's episode of The Digital Edge we take a look at the phenomenon of email marketing.
[The Digital Edge] Email marketingOne keeps on hearing of crazy statistics that spam consists of ninety percent of all email traffic and that by the 2047 the world will be snowed under by spam messages. In this world of herbal Viagra, holiday accommodation and lottery winning emails, how does one go about actually creating a legitimate email campaign?

In this episode we speak to Striata and Prefix, two of the largest email marketing providers in the country. We'll look at the process of creating an email marketing campaign and how to make sure you avoid looking like a purveyor of the latest generic drug spam.

We also speak to a seller of email lists to see how they get their databases and what they do with these databases.

With email spam being such a sticky topic, this episode is one to listen out for.

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13 Oct 2009 13:23