Stonewall+ Media and G2 Certified Used Cars assist customers in making sound purchases

Stonewall+ Media, the digital media agency, was recently appointed by G2 Certified Used Cars, to manage their digital media campaign to not only increase brand awareness but to drive traffic to the website.
Stonewall+ Media were tasked with having to position G2 Certified Used Cars on various online media portals that had direct contact with its target market. A combined mix of targeted sites and environments that would allow a greater reach for the campaign, including motoring, news and lifestyle were used, and interactive and expandable Rich Media banners were applied to attract users to the site.

“This was an interesting campaign for G2 Certified Used Cars, as although we concentrated on the lead generation side of the campaign it was still very important to create brand awareness, and striking that balance was a continual challenge,” says Aaron van Schaik, Managing Director of Stonewall+ Media.

Conversion tracking was used to determine exactly which placements generated the most leads. Impressions were weighted up in these environments to optimise the conversion rate, while click through rates of all placements were also monitored in order to identify the best performing sites. The campaign was run over three bursts, which enabled Stonewall+ Media to aggregate the results and optimise each new burst on the best performing placements, ad sizes and creative execution. Due to an above industry standard click through rate, the campaign delivered in driving large amounts of traffic to the G2 Certified Used Cars website as well as converting a good percentage of that into qualified leads.

Says Peter Ririe, G2 Certified Used Cars Marketing and Operations Manager: “Stonewall+ Media were a pleasure to work with and have delivered results far beyond our expectations. We wanted a campaign that would speak directly to our target market to not only create awareness of our brand within the digital landscape but to also generate a genuine interest in our products and services by having users visit and interact directly with our brand”.

The G2 Certified Used Car Programme has been designed to ensure customer's make a sound purchase. Quality, reliability and safety are core values for the vehicles sold under the G2 banner. Stringent retailer standards are independently monitored throughout the General Motors network.

Functioning as an independent digital media agency, Stonewall+ Media meets the ever-growing, industry-wide need for integrated digital media services that is not only consistent with its international counterparts but is forward thinking in its service and delivery.

Stonewall+ Media are specialists in Online media strategy, Online media planning and buying, Rich Media, Social media, Mobile marketing and media, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Analytics, tracking and measurement.

5 Oct 2009 11:27