Stonewall+ takes a break with KITKAT

The digital marketing agency, Stonewall+ were appointed by Nestle to relaunch a new website for KITKAT South Africa, The website provides a branded destination to the South African market that engages, entertains and excites.
Stonewall+ were challenged with the task of building an unconventional site, that would not only invite users to actively engage with its entertaining and interactive tools but would be able to accommodate off line promotions and campaigns to assist KITKAT in increasing their database thus creating further awareness of the brand. The website had to serve as a destination for users to go to when they needed a break, emphasising KITKAT'S slogan, ‘Have a break, have a KITKAT'. This meant the style and tone had to be as imaginative as it was welcoming and soothing for the user. In order to achieve its desired effect, Stonewall+ applied a creative treatment that was vibrant and colourful coupled with a soothing audio landscape that allows users to be removed from the menial tasks of their day and to truly take a break to ‘KITKAT Island'.

“This project has been great fun for the team and we've truly enjoyed the manner in which our client has allowed us to express ourselves creatively, says Adam Whitehouse, Creative Director of Stonewall+ Digital Marketing.

“We entrenched ourselves in the brand's legacy to understand what the typical user would want to associate themselves with in the KITKAT online environment. We found that to ultimately benefit the brand we'd need to develop an online destination that was less focused on product promotion and more on entertainment”, Whitehouse continues.

Users are welcomed to the site and asked to state how long they have for their break, after which a timer begins to keep them entertained for that period of time. This is when users are able to interact on ‘KITKAT Island' and explore the various interactive games on offer, including: Catch the Coconuts, Find the KITKAT, Memory Raft, River Wild, Island Sudoku, Lava Leap and Colour Splash.

Users can also interact with a number of other convenient features during the time allocated to them such as product and contact information, ads and promotions, funny and quirky FAQ's related to the brand, a register and login page, downloadable screensavers, wallpapers, and “break” music. Furthermore users can share their methods and means of taking a break on the website.

Says Gregory Tabane, KITKAT Brand Manager: “The website exceeds all expectation as it enhances the KITKAT image with an online presence that gives people that, “10-minute break that we all need”, in a fun and interactive way. Our challenge was to move out of the traditional brand website and offer an exciting and much talked about website that extends beyond the product; with this addictive website we have achieved our objective.”

KITKAT has been delighting chocolate lovers all over the world with its light wafer texture and delicious chocolate taste since it was first created and launched by Rowntree Limited of York, England before later being produced by Nestle, which acquired Rowntree in 1988 (except in the USA, where it's made under license by Hersheys). The brand quickly gained much popularity and spread to all corners of the globe, and is now available in over 70 countries in many different varieties including South Africa.

Stonewall+, the digital marketing agency, serves world-class companies and marketers such as Anglo American, Aspen Pharmacare, brandhouse, Checkers, DStv, Exclusives, General Motors, Graham Beck Wines, Investec, MTV, Nashua Mobile, Neotel, Nedgroup Investments, Nepad, Old Mutual, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sea Harvest, Shoprite, Siemens, Unilever, Red Bull and Vodacom. Stonewall+ engages with clients to effect change on a strategic level first, before creating user-centric experiences that build brands and transform the way in which people interact with them.

Founded in 1997, Stonewall+ has been highly acknowledged for broadcast and interactive projects locally and internationally, whilst been published in three international Taschen publications. With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Stonewall+ makes it possible for businesses around South Africa, and the world, to strengthen their brands in the digital and online environment.

28 Sep 2009 10:29


Cant afford a KitKat now!
I took a long break while it loaded - and then extended my bond to pay for it!-
I am livid. I thought SA brands and digital companies were getting somewhere.

On visiting the home page of the KitKat site a total of 8Mb loaded to my PC without me doing anything. At R2 per Mb via my pay as you go 3G modem, that just cost me R16 (about 3 kit-kats). Thanks Nestle! And for those on dial up connections, I worked out u will need a break time of 38.5 minutes just to load the site at full line speed. Another big brand being sold 'words' and BS instead of something that people can actually use. (apart from the people on super fast internet at Nestle it seems)

I quote:
Says Gregory Tabane (who I am sure is blisfully unaware of this), KITKAT Brand Manager: “The website exceeds all expectation as it enhances the KITKAT image with an online presence that gives people that, “10-minute break that we all need”,

Gregory, you wasted my much needed 'break' today waiting for the site to load (even on 3G) and my R16 that I could have spent on some KitKats. No online 'experience' is worth that except perhaps that secret Paris Hilton video (in high res) which would have been smaller.

SA agencies, you should really know better by now. Nestle and any other chocolate brand that might be reading - delve deeper when deciding if your site is any good and make sure we are not wasting all of our chocolate money (or whatever you are trying to sell us) on downloading your webpage as this is rediculous. The money you wasted on this could have fed 1000s of hungry kids with KitKats for months, the money we as users will waste visting it would feed them for years (Telkom, Neotel, Vodacom and MTN will be loving you though).
Poor - very poor, regardless of how pretty it might be.
Posted on 9 Oct 2009 18:25