[The Digital Edge] Piracy online

In this week's episode of The Digital Edge we investigate the issue of online piracy. Who doesn't copy music, TV series and films from the countless available sources on the Internet? It's free and it's simple - but it's also a crime.
[The Digital Edge] Piracy onlineBut is it a victimless crime, as many say? With the Recording Industry Association of America going after students and single mothers for outrageous amounts of money that they could never afford, has the anti-piracy crusade escalated to ridiculous levels? Is Britney Spears' well-being under threat from millions of teenaged thieves, or is it time for the entertainment industry to wake up and smell the future?

We speak to Christian Engstrom, head of the Swedish Pirate Party and now a member of the European Parliament, who argues that piracy is merely a way of making culture free. On the other side of the coin, we hear from the recording industry as well as recording artists to see how this affects their business and artistry.

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14 Sep 2009 08:00