[The Digital Edge] The 2010 FIFA World Cup online

This week The Digital Edge takes a look at what companies are doing to promote the 2010 FIFA World Cup online.
[The Digital Edge] The 2010 FIFA World Cup onlineWith less than three hundred days left till the world cup the excitement in South Africa is at a fever pitch. While drumming up support locally is entirely unnecessary, it is critical to promote the event overseas. In this week's episode we see what exactly is going on with 2010 online. We'll speak to Shine 2010, SAGoodNews and FIFA themselves to see what work and what regulation goes into this event.

Find out how local tourism and private companies are going about promoting the event to international viewers and are their intentions to promote South Africa or purely rip off dollar and euro toting tourists that don't know any better.

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31 Aug 2009 13:22