Stonewall+ Media and Dial a Nerd reach out to frustrated PC users

Stonewall+ Media, the digital media agency, was recently appointed by Dial a Nerd, the computer support company dedicated to homes and small businesses, to assist them in increasing brand awareness, encourage more traffic to the website and promote their computer hardware and software sales division.
The challenge for Stonewall+ Media was to apply a combination of digital tactics that would optimally position Dial a Nerd in a digital landscape that had direct access its target market, namely small business owners, professionals, men and women over 60, tech-savvy students and young moms. Incorporating interactive Rich Media, applying aggregate trends and using larger creative sizes and overlay banners helped to create a bolder presence and emphasize branding and direct response. In order to make precise optimization decisions, Stonewall + Media were able to identify all touch points the user engaged throughout the campaign allowing them to better determine the brand's overall exposure.

Says Aaron Van Schaik: "It's very pleasing to see that, in practice, the strategies we employ in our digital media campaigns are as successful as they are. In this case the Dial a Nerd campaign returned figures that are four times the industry average in terms of CTR's (Click Through Rates) proving that the way Stonewall+ Media approaches digital media is effective and provides our clients the benefit of well conceived and executed strategies."

Dial a Nerd is a national company with multiple branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. Each branch has mobile technicians that are able to repair, build, upgrade or even replace PC`s at the customer's premises. The company has been servicing thousands of personal computers since 1998, and has helped many small businesses and home users get up and stay up with the hardware and software solution that suits them best. Another division of the company called, Dial a Nerd Business, specialises in advanced network support for clients requiring business solutions.

Says Grayson Rainier, Marketing Manager of Dial a Nerd: "It's been a great pleasure working with Stonewall + Media. We have been particularly impressed with the manner in which they handled our serving and tracking requirements when carrying out this campaign. Having them involved from day one ensured us that the eye catching Rich Media banners they created were not lost in the mass of online advertising. Through the tracking analysis applied they were able to provide us with key insights into how the market was interacting with our adverts and in areas where the ads were not performing Stonewall+ Media were quick to derive a solution."

Functioning as an independent digital media agency, Stonewall+ Media meets the ever-growing, industry-wide need for integrated digital media services that is not only consistent with its international counterparts but is forward thinking in its service and delivery.

17 Aug 2009 14:47