[The Digital Edge] Blogging goes mainstream

As the amount of Internet connections in South Africa slowly grows, more and more interest groups are coming online and publishing their content for all to see. Blogging provides a voice for these people and allows them to promote their opinions, services and often agenda. What seems to be a growing trend these days is that individuals that previously had a personal blog are using Twitter as their soapbox and at the same time, blogs are moving into the opinion piece and thought leadership arena.
[The Digital Edge] Blogging goes mainstream
Does this mean blogging is moving away from fluffy "dear diary" style sites and more towards semi-professional journalistic pieces and if so, is this even a good thing? The reality is that blogging has only rarely rivalled proper researched journalism but this is rapidly changing.

In this week's episode of The Digital Edge we take a look at some South African websites that retain a blog style layout while at the same time are offering progressively more and more professional content by providing a platform for young journalists and writers. These semi-professional online magazines are rapidly growing in popularity and this week we take a look at the people behind these platforms and how they're creating a niche for themselves.

14 Aug 2009 10:14