[The Digital Edge] A day in the life of...

In our special 30th episode, we visit for a day with Cambrient, the sponsors of The Digital Edge. The company, formed in 2001 has a diverse range of clientele and builds large-scale web and mobile sites for large South African clients. Customers include the likes of DSTV, Moneyweb, Kagiso, Barloworld, South African Tourism and many more. Sites are built on Cambrient ContentSuite, the leading CMS system in South Africa.
[The Digital Edge] A day in the life of...In this episode we find out what takes place on a day-to-day basis in a web company such as Cambrient and how the process of building a website works. From sales to requirements planning to development and testing, this episode will show you exactly what it takes to build a website for a large corporate. You'll also meet the personalities behind the website development and find out what makes them tick.

If you've ever wondered what steps are required to build a website and what kind of slightly deranged person it takes to be a project manager or a web developer then this is the episode for you.

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30 Jul 2009 18:30