Stonewall+ Media applies a winning formula

Stonewall+ Media, the digital media agency, has successfully tapped into the online female cosmetic market to launch Estee Lauder's latest skincare product, New Advanced Night Repair.
Positioning Estee Lauder within a digital landscape fraught with limited marketing opportunities meant finding creative ways to apply proven successful digital tactics that would distinguish Estee Lauder from its competitors. Stonewall+ Media therefore introduced a strategy applying tools such as site buy-outs, roadblocks and dynamic rich media creative.

Says Steve Waidelich, General Manager of Stonewall+ Media, the digital media agency: “The ANR campaign allowed us to use a combination of interactive content, ad format technology and delivery processes enabling us to create a richer, higher impact campaign in a competitive digital media environment.”

A large percentage of's inventory was bought out in order to increase ad view frequency and ultimately enhance the brand's presence. Roadblocks were used on MSN's Homepage to generate a large share of advertising voice (SOV), using exclusive placements displayed on the portal's homepage for a full day. Dynamic rich media creative was then incorporated from Estee Lauder's global office based in New York and due to broadband's growing popularity in South Africa, video banners were also used. The interactive video banners provided a platform for user and brand engagement resulting in excellent click-through rates. This allowed Stonewall+ Media to track user interaction rates with the banners, rather than relying solely on click-throughs to the website as a measurement of success.

Says Natasha Jacobs, Trade Marketing Manager Estee Lauder South Africa: “As a brand, we continue to investigate new and exciting ways to push the envelope in terms of new media opportunities. It is essential, from a marketing point of view, to be innovative and stand out in a landscape that can become overly cluttered with different marketing messages. The interactive Advanced Night Repair Launch campaign has however been able to do this.”

Functioning as an independent digital media agency, Stonewall+ Media meets the ever-growing, industry-wide need for integrated digital media services that is not only consistent with its international counterparts but is forward-thinking in its service and delivery.

27 Jul 2009 15:54