Online PR

It only takes a customary look in an online directory to see that there are roughly three PR agencies in South Africa for every member of the population. With the "dime a dozen" nature of the industry, it's easy to become slightly jaded on the topic of public relations. For many companies, having a PR agency promote their services in traditional media is a pointless exercise. If the requirement is to bring online users to the site, surely it makes more sense to have your brand mentioned online?
Online PRRecently, we've heard murmorings of the term "Online PR" and how it is growing in popularity. In this episode we take an educational look into what the difference is between online and traditional PR, why you need to use Online PR as well as what tools are required for interacting with users online. This week we take you, tutorial style, through the requirements of how to create a great Online PR campaign.

If you've ever wanted to know how to use Online PR for your brand then this is the episode that will help you make that leap online.

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20 Jul 2009 11:06