The sport invasion

When the Internet began it was the preserve of the garden variety Nerd, the type that wore two-tone shirts, had a pocket protector and coded their first piece of software on a calculator. With the Internet going as mainstream as it has in the past few years, everyone from housewives to pirates in Somalia are using the Internet to get the information they desire.
The sport invasionSport information sites seem to be a growing trend with the local gym jock asking his geeky friend to show him how to check the latest game score on his cellphone. These sports reporters are invading social media as well with the likes of Twitter and blogs becoming a popular way to provide information for sports fans. In sport mad South Africa, the top blogs in the country are all sport related, specifically on the theme of rugby.

This week we're looking to see whether sports online are giving traditional broadcasters a run for their money and whether viewing online has changed offline viewing patterns. We'll also look at the technology behind cutting-edge new sports tracking services to see how they are changing the game.

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10 Jul 2009 12:14