[The Digital Edge] Religion online

While you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that enjoys being marketed to online, it can be particularly frustrating when you're bombarded with advertising related to some other denomination. The simple truth is that despite religion being a highly personal and charged topic, marketing does still occur online. After having spoken about politics and sex, The Digital Edge decided to complete the unholy trinity and look at the topic of religion online.
[The Digital Edge] Religion onlineIn this episode we look into the phenomenon of religion online to see what exactly it is that religions are doing to promote their brands and how they hope to appeal to a wider range of potential believers online. In the past, finding the local church standing outside a shopping center handing out flyers was not an uncommon sight but now as the Internet grows in South Africa it is easier and more efficient to evangelise online. While it has been a slow start for religious organisations, the competition for Google keywords is heating up. This growth in adwords related to terms such as "Jesus" shows that people are turning to the Internet for answers and religions are looking online to try provide those answers for them.

This week takes a look at the Atheists, Christians, Scientologists and Jews that have made a space for themselves online. We'll ask the question of whether there is space for religion online and find out how religious institutes interact with their communities.

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2 Jul 2009 13:09