[The Digital Edge] The geek retreat

From the 19th to the 21st of June, forty of South Africa's eminent Internet personalities including the likes of Web 2.0 success Vinny Lingham descended upon The Elephant Sanctuary near the Hartebeespoort dam, an hour out of Johannesburg.
[The Digital Edge] The geek retreatWith the South African Internet landscape being the mess that it is, the aim of the retreat was to try and solve some of the issues by creating a manifesto on how these Internet personalities felt the South African Internet should be run. The logic was that this group, with their German sedans, fast Internet access and venture capital funds would be able to solve the issues that face the man on the street.

The Manifesto is based on the principles of Ubuntu, transparency, change, bravery and many other vague adjectives. What it hopes to achieve is a way of making not only the Internet but South Africa a better place for all its inhabitants.

With random adjectives being thrown around it seemed only natural that we at The Digital Edge were skeptical so bright and early on the morning of the 20th we ventured off to get an inside scoop on what exactly was going on at the Geekretreat and whether it wasn't just an excuse for the geeks to drink, be merry and write it off as a tax deductible business expense.

Come join The Digital Edge on a trip to see what exactly geeks do when they gather.

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26 Jun 2009 12:24