[The Digital Edge] A look into digital acquisitions in South Africa

In this week's episode we take a look at local digital agencies that have been acquired by larger media companies to see how exactly the industry works and the story behind digital acquisitions. Despite a tough economic climate, traditional media companies are still looking to make a play in the digital sphere and the easiest way for them to make this push into digital is to acquire an agency rather than starting afresh.
[The Digital Edge] A look into digital acquisitions in South AfricaLocally massive names such as Aqua Online have been bought by Y&R, Trigger by international media house Isobar and now Gloo have become part of bigger media companies. In this week's Digital Edge we take a look into the buying process to see if it's about more than just money and whether these digital agencies can fit into the corporate mould of a large, traditional media house.

In this episode we speak to Brent Shahim from Aqua Online, Gavin Rooke from Trigger and finally Pete Case from Gloo to give us a scoop on the latest digital acquisition in South Africa and a look back at the story behind some past acqusitions. We also speak to market commentator Chris Moerdyk to see whether these acquisitions are merely a flash in the pan or a growing trend towards international interest in South African digital agencies.

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18 Jun 2009 14:20