[The Digital Edge] The Digital Edge greatest hits

In this week's episode we look back at the work achieved by The Digital Edge in such a short time. We take a trip down memory lane to see how far The Digital Edge has come. With twenty-two episodes of audio magic, we've trawled through the archives to decide on the top five interviews over the nearly six months that we've been tearing up the airwaves.
[The Digital Edge] The Digital Edge greatest hitsWhile it was close on impossible to narrow down the top five interviews, with heated debate and no small amount of violence we decided on the following:

First up we speak to Graham Warsopp, founder of The Jupiter Drawing Room. Graham gives us his opinion of where traditional agencies are going to move towards in the future and how his company is approaching digital. Second, Brian Dunning from internationally reknown Podcast Skeptoid joins us. A few years ago, Brian began searching for interesting and unusual phenomena in Internet forums and mailing lists. More than once, he tried to open a discourse offering alternate, more reasonable explanations for the reported phenomena, as diplomatically and respectfully as he could. Thus Skeptoid was born. Third, in our blogger episode we were joined by Seth Rotheram of the blog 2OceansVibe. Seth talks to us about his lifestyle, blogging and his penchant for the finer things in life. Fourth, head of the Pandora music service, Tim Westergren joins us all the way from the United States to tell us about the streaming service and its impact on the music industry. Finally, Vinny Lingham of Web 2.0 DIY site design company Yola joins us to talk about Web 2.0 startups.

If for some reason you've missed some episodes this is your chance to catch up and hear the best of The Digital Edge.

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15 Jun 2009 11:35