[The Digital Edge] Branded entertainment goes digital

In our second look at Branded Entertainment we go online to see how the Internet has provided a blank canvas for Branded Entertainment. While the online medium might differ in audience, the concept of implementing a brand inside a piece of entertainment still applies. The web provides opportunities for video, audio, text and even integrating offline.
[The Digital Edge] Branded entertainment goes digitalOne only needs to look at the latest 100 million views Youtube hit, Susan Boyle, to see what sort of massive reach the Internet has for a product. Now, despite these 100 million views Boyle nor the T.V. show that she appeared on made a single direct cent. The simple question is that with even 100 million views how do you actually get people to recognise a brand online and what does one need to do to impress a brand upon viewers.

In this episode of The Digital Edge we look at branded mobile games with Skillpod Media, Alternate Reality Games with Lauren Beukes, Widgets with Sue Trudon and finally Tristan Owen from MEDIAS to give us their take on how Branded Entertainment is sweeping the Internet. This week we ask the burning questions of price, quality, response and success of online Branded Entertainment.

In this final look at the concept of Branded Entertainment we see whether it is possible to translate successful online content to offline and how best to market your brand online.

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5 Jun 2009 12:18