Stonewall+ Media, the digital media agency, is thinking ahead

Stonewall+ Media, the digital media agency, has shown a significant growth in its client listing during 2009. Adding Investec, General Motors, MXit, Old Mutual, Fujitsu, Estee Lauder, Nashua Mobile, Lexus, JD Group and Dial a Nerd to its list of reputable clientele.
The agency's growth is mainly due to its progressive approach to the rapidly expanding digital landscape utilising the expertise of its highly skilled staff, some with key international digital experience, and implementing proven successful digital tactics that not only ensure their clients' needs are met but that they're optimally positioned within the digital space. This coupled with a proven track record of strategic partnerships with South Africa's leading traditional media agencies and credible relationships with key media owners is what keeps Stonewall+ Media ahead of the curve.

“There is so much opportunity for growth in the digital media environment; clients and traditional media agencies are all aware of its importance but there are very few agencies that are really able to offer a full 360 degree digital solution,” says Aaron van Schaik, Managing Director of Stonewall+ Media, the digital media agency.

“The exponential growth that the South African digital market is currently experiencing is very exciting for both advertisers and digital media agencies. What is particularly important is how our clients and other advertisers have embraced the capacity that digital advertising has, to create affordable and accountable marketing campaigns. Stonewall+ Media is a company driven by technology and inspired by innovation. We feel it's our command of these variables that have elevated us to become leaders in our field.” Says Steve Waidelich, General Manager of Stonewall+ Media, the digital media agency.

Functioning as an independent digital media agency, Stonewall+ Media meets the ever-growing, industry-wide need for integrated digital media services that is not only consistent with its international counterparts but is forward thinking in its service and delivery.

1 Jun 2009 12:09