[The Digital Edge] Is branded entertainment the future of advertising?

SA's digital marketing voice takes a look at the newest concept to hit advertising: branded entertainment. With the general public becoming more and more difficult to reach with traditional advertising we look at the new medium of branded entertainment to see what potential it offers.
[The Digital Edge] Is branded entertainment the future of advertising?Imagine yourself watching the latest action movie featuring Brad Pitt. In the scene Pitt is involved in a high speed car chase with three pursuers, a literal life and death scenario. In the next twenty minutes of celluloid Pitt manages to evade his pursuers, rescues the girl and saves the day, all while driving his sleek and sexy BMW. What you've just seen is an example of branded entertainment, a new form of advertising that is proving extremely popular as people's perceptual filters tend to block out traditional forms of advertising.

In the first of a two part series we look at what branded entertainment is and how it has been used to promote products on traditional mediums such as TV and movies. As people continue to block out traditional forms of advertising and PVR meaning people can fast forward past these adverts, a way of marketing products is needed. The Digital Edge looks at how making products part of the entertainment is the way forward.

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25 May 2009 11:59