[The Digital Edge] Spotlight on online porn industry

In this week's Digital Edge we speak to Silas Howarth, organiser of Sexpo, on access to pornography as well as how online pornography has changed the game.
[The Digital Edge] Spotlight on online porn industryMany years ago, when the Internet was still young and filled with innocence it was used for many nerdy pursuits such as sending messages between laboratories or to create horrible websites with multi-coloured flashing banners. If you had access to the Internet you were probably stuck in a laboratory, the military or a computer science student at University. And then the perverts created online porn. Suddenly there was a reason to be online: anonymous porn watching. Very few people cannot reminisce about patiently waiting for a photo to load on their slow dial-up connection. When online porn became main-stream, so did the Internet. With porn, there was a compelling reason to spend the money to get the fabled Internet. After porn became a hit the Internet finally gained what it never had: “sexiness”.

In this episode of The Digital Edge we speak to porn site owners, porn watchers and anti-porn advocates to see what really is going on in the porn world. We look at the filthy, the tasteful and the downright disturbing in the world of Online Porn.

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18 May 2009 11:57