[The Digital Edge] What is Twitter all about? How can you use it to market your brand correctly?

Issued by: NATIVE VML | 8 May 2009 15:23
SA's digital marketing voice takes a look at the growing phenomenon that is Twitter. With even Oprah using the service it seems that Twitter is the next big social media success.
[The Digital Edge] What is Twitter all about? How can you use it to market your brand correctly? - NATIVE VMLWhen Ashton Kutcher, Oprah and Britney Spears endorse a service you know it's about to go mainstream. The buzz about Twitter is growing on an almost daily basis and even octogenarians such as Larry King are jumping on the bandwagon with a Twitter stream running as a ticker on the bottom of his daily show.

While major celebrities are getting involved the truth is that Twitter still remains a very tech oriented, early adopter space. The question that many are asking is “what is Twitter?” In this week's episode The Digital Edge endeavours to explain what has been dubbed “micro blogging” as we attempt to recreate the Twitter stream with the help of local “tweeple”.

In this episode we take a slightly satirical look at the way Twitter works and see what compels people to document their entire lives, 140 characters at a time.

South Africa, Johannesburg, 11 May 2009:

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8 May 2009 15:23


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