[The Digital Edge] Is South Africa ahead of the world in mobile marketing?

SA's digital marketing voice releases the second part of their look into the mobile industry in South Africa. This week's theme is mobile marketing.
[The Digital Edge] Is South Africa ahead of the world in mobile marketing?Last week we took a look into the platforms that power mobile services but this week we look at the marketing potential of the mobile. We ask the important question of whether this is THE way to reach the man on the street and if advertising via mobile is better than web, TV, and print.

We speak to Angus Robinson of Brandsh, a mobile and social media agency as well as Hans Mol of Grapevine Interactive, Simon Davis of Mobgeo and Michael Laws of Vodacom's “Adme” service.

In this episode we get the lowdown on which segments are using mobile marketing, how best to target these people and the costs that are involved with launching a mobile campaign.

If you're interested in the future of advertising in South African then this week's episode of The Digital Edge is the place to be.

South Africa, Johannesburg, 4 May 2009:
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5 May 2009 12:58