[The Digital Edge] Is search engine optimisation evil? Is it only used to trick Google? We find out

SA's digital marketing voice takes a look at the contentious topic of Search Engine Optimisation to try discover whether it's used for nefarious purposes or not.
[The Digital Edge] Is search engine optimisation evil? Is it only used to trick Google? We find outSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO), also known as “getting your name to the top of Google” is a growing industry for those that can afford it. With Google spending millions on creating clever search algorithms many argue that SEO is merely a method of tricking those complex algorithms. The aim of SEO is to use these algorithms against Google to get ones content to the top of search terms. We ask the tough questions on whether this is cheating the system or helping to get the best content to the top of a Google search.

We speak to two anonymous SEO practitioners to see how they use their knowledge in an unscrupulous manner to promote the likes of online casino's and even remove websites from the Google rankings.

Also joining us is Rob Stokes, founder of South African SEO specialist Quirk. Quirk is a ten year old company that specialises in SEO for various clients. They aim to market your website by increasing the “searchability” of a site through SEO. We speak to Rob to get his, more positive, side of SEO.

In this week's episode tempers will flare, it's the SEO smackdown so don't miss it.

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20 Mar 2009 12:51