[The Digital Edge] A critical look at online political tactics in South Africa

With the upcoming elections we are joined by two of South Africa's biggest political parties; the ANC and the Democratic Alliance to get an understanding of their online campaigns.
We're joined by Steyn Speed from the ANC and Anthony Hazell from the DA and give them a political style grilling on whether or not their current efforts are actually cheap copies of President Obama's online campaign. We dissect the good, the bad and the ugly of their sudden fascination with social media and whether an Internet focussed campaign can actually evoke passion from a generally non Internet enabled audience like South Africa. We talk social media, mobile and slander to name a few topics.

Our third guest is Vincent Hofmann, a blogger that has been highly critical of the DA's policies and hear his story of how aggresively the DA responded.

Download the episode from www.thedigitaledge.co.za.

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13 Mar 2009 15:56