Stonewall+ appoints Lara Bryant as Head of Client Service

Stonewall+, The Digital Marketing Agency, is delighted to announce the appointment of Lara Bryant as Head of Client Service. In this role Lara will focus her team on promoting deeper client relationships and ensuring that the full value proposition of the agency and its business units is realised.
Coupled with this, she will also be involved in shaping the existing strategic element of the agency and leading this unit going forward.

Lara brings extensive brand and marketing experience gained during her twelve successful years spent with the New Clicks Group, which culminated in her leadership role as Managing Director for the Clicks brand. Recognising that the future of marketing is rapidly moving towards the digital realm, Lara sought out an environment where she could best utilise her wealth of experience in a digital marketing context.

“To have someone with Lara's expertise is a huge coup for us. We clearly see her providing a great advantage to us in getting closer to clients and developing their digital marketing activities, whilst laying the management groundwork we need to move forward in a period where we see increased growth,” says Ben Wagner, CEO of Stonewall+.

During her time with the New Clicks Group, Lara started within the Musica brand, where she quickly grew to head up both Musica and CD Wherehouse. Her success then led to her being promoted to Head of Marketing for New Clicks and, eventually, to her role as Managing Director of Clicks.

“With the current uncertainty in the traditional marketing and media arena, the need for clients to focus on their digital presence has shifted from optional to critical. Now more than ever, clients are realising the importance of return-based digital marketing and media solutions,” says Lara Bryant of her role at Stonewall+ Digital Marketing.

About Stonewall+

Stonewall+, the digital marketing agency, serves world-class companies and marketers such as Anglo American, Aspen Pharmacare, Cadbury, Checkers, DStv, Exclusive Books, First National Bank, General Motors, Investec, JSE, Miller Genuine Draft, MXit, Nashua Mobile, Neotel, Nedgroup Investments, Nepad, Old Mutual, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Sea Harvest, Shoprite, Siemens and Red Bull.

Stonewall+ engages with clients to effect change on a strategic level first, before creating user-centric experiences that build brands and transform the way in which people interact with them.

Founded in 1997, Stonewall+ has been highly acknowledged for broadcast and interactive projects locally and internationally, whilst been published in three international Taschen publications.

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Stonewall+ makes it possible for businesses around South Africa, and the world, to strengthen their brands in the digital and online environment.

16 Feb 2009 12:43