[The Digital Edge] Is digital only about technology?

South Africa's digital marketing podcast - The Digital Edge - takes a look at creative execution in the digital marketing space in its fifth episode to be broadcast on Monday, 9th of February 2009.
[The Digital Edge] Is digital only about technology?This week the programme features the South African Creative Guru - Mike Shalit, Creative Director of Network BBDO. He gives us his view on how to approach digital marketing from a creative perspective and shares with us how he “doesn't necessarily understand technology but he loves the workings behind it."

So if you're also a little technophobic but love the idea of digital marketing make sure you download the latest programme episode from www.thedigitaledge.co.za on Monday the 9th of February 2009 from 12h00.

Also featured is a profile of Utility Design - a design collective with a twist and the weekly roundup of the Blogosphere by Heather Ford, along with the week's Top 10 digital moments.

The Digital Edge is a new weekly podcast, sponsored by Cambrient in association with Marketingweb, aimed at promoting the new medium of digital marketing while providing a “voice” to this rapidly growing industry. The episodes of this new weekly online programme are available each Monday at 12h00 for download at www.thedigitaledge.co.za.

9 Feb 2009 16:15