Digital marketing gets a voice

Digital marketing services company, Cambrient, has unveiled and launched The Digital Edge - South Africa's first digital marketing podcast programme.
Digital marketing gets a voice
Sponsored and produced by Cambrient, in association with Marketingweb, The Digital Edge is aimed at promoting the new medium of digital marketing while providing a “voice” to this rapidly growing industry.

The first episode of this new weekly online programme is available on Monday the 12th of January 2009 for download at

“With South Africa behind the curve on Internet development, marketers are still reticent to move away from traditional advertising,” says Jarred Cinman, Software Director for Cambrient. “By giving this new marketing discipline a voice we believe we can help broaden the understanding of the digital marketing space and help further the growth of the industry in South Africa."

As with most new developments in the marketing area, the marketer's starting point for acceptance and adoption of new or digital media is based on gaining an understanding of the digital marketing environment. The Digital Edge is a no-nonsense, analytical look at developments in the digital marketing space.

“The content is very firmly focussed on cutting though the hype around digital and social media to empower listeners with information and knowledge to build and implement measurable and creative digital marketing campaigns that have results,” adds Cinman.

“Digital is fundamentally about measurability and being able to target your audience effectively. We believe any digital campaign or project must be a digital success story. And given that digital is not only less expensive but also more effective than traditional media the results should only be a much higher return on investment."

The Podcast is intended to be an ongoing weekly programme to the marketing industry.

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Sad to see!-
Your profile boasts of content rich websites, content managemnet systems etc etc, yet your own website is one of the worst I have ever seen and leaves me with loads of confidence in using you, NOT!
Posted on 19 Jan 2009 09:27