Stonewall+ creates a face for TypeFace Media

The digital marketing agency Stonewall+ recently launched a website for a newly formed creative agency - TypeFace Media: The agency is a partnership between the ex-Men's Health magazine Editor and Creative Director, Andy Ellis and Piers Buckle.
“The guys approached with us with a crazy idea that they felt represented their light-hearted natures but also conveyed a strong sense of free and creative thinking. The end result is a direct reflection of the enthusiasm and creativity that TypeFace Media is looking to add to the market,” says Adam Whitehouse, Creative Director of Stonewall+.

The site is built entirely in flash, showing off content within a conceptual navigation, which is encountered after experiencing a bizarre assimilation of the brand identity as an introduction, complete with sound effects and animation. The content interface is interspersed with random acts of lunacy, an interesting “Sound Off” feature and a wandering penguin!

“We spent hours doodling words, sketching cartoon characters and, in pure frustration, ended up making an animated movie of the imagined homepage. Stonewall+ took the idea and applied it to the digital environment in a way that improved and lifted the concept's practicality way beyond our expectations,” said the TypeFace media duo.

The website is designed to grow with the agency as a business tool by containing interactive elements such as a blogging platform that allows the partnership to highlight current projects and to share their creative thoughts and ideas.

About Stonewall+
Stonewall+, the digital marketing agency, serves world-class companies and marketers such as Anglo American, Aspen Pharmacare, Cadbury, First National Bank, General Motors, Investec, JSE, Miller Genuine Draft, Nepad, Old Mutual, SA Tourism, Siemens and Red Bull.

Stonewall+ engages with clients to effect change on a strategic level first, before creating user-centric experiences that build brands and transform the way in which people interact with them. Founded in 1997, Stonewall+ has been highly acknowledged for broadcast and interactive projects locally and internationally, whilst been published in three international Taschen publications.

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Stonewall+ makes it possible for businesses around South Africa, and the world, to strengthen their brands in the digital and online environment.

13 Jun 2008 16:11


I thought we'd moved on?-
Ad agencies love this stuff, though. I can think of at least 2 or 3 other local ad shops that have gone the pencil/scribble route for their corporate sites in the last few years. Possibly also done by Stonewall.
Posted on 28 Jul 2008 16:54
yet another silly flash intro...-
.....and a hackneyed pencil draws across screen, seen it before, yaawwn. Only surprise was that there wasn't a Flash page-turn thrown in too.

We want INFORMATION....FAST! Not having to sit through a meaningless Flash intro (What is the point of a Flash intro if it contains the words 'skip intro'???). Where's the work? Where's the contact address? Where's the thinking? Where's the difference?
Posted on 22 Jun 2008 00:01
did you try turning the annoying sound off- the text ends up following your mouse- i felt like I had stepped back into geocities
not impressed
Posted on 24 Jun 2008 17:04
Nice one!-
Love the sound effects!
Posted on 17 Jun 2008 11:42