Stonewall+ builds a dynamic website for tube series Hectic Nine-9

Digital marketing agency Stonewall+ was recently commissioned by Okuhle Media to develop an innovative and globally competitive, interactive website for their daily, live magazine show, Hectic Nine-9 which launches on 1 October and will be screened Mondays to Fridays at 4pm on SABC2's tube.
Stonewall+ builds a dynamic website for tube series Hectic Nine-9
Stonewall+ created the custom-built website, to become a communication platform for the Hectic Nine-9 audience, drawing on the growing local popularity of social networking platforms like MySpace and Facebook, and inspired by the millions of conversations happening amongst South African youth on their cellphones. will launch on 16 October 2007.

“The website is a vital part of the Hectic Nine-9 concept - it's an exciting digital platform which takes the show beyond the television screen and into an engaging and immersive interactive realm. The website adds a two-way dimension to the traditional one-way communication of television and means that the Hectic Nine-9 viewers become participants. There's also a second-phase in the pipeline with added features and a few surprises that will reinforce the TV-internet interaction and mean that Hectic Nine-9 users can truly ‘Kick it forward',” says Adam Whitehouse, Creative Director of Stonewall+.

Stonewall+ builds a dynamic website for tube series Hectic Nine-9
The website incorporates revolutionary design elements, a robust content management system and easy-to-use interactive features which allow users to voice their opinions and make contributions – all in a secure and safe environment. The collaboration of the show and the website was crucial to ensure that Hectic Nine-9 becomes the most interactive television show ever produced for South African television. will also be integrated with a mobile platform to ensure a 360? digital marketing approach for the innovative television show.

One of the key challenges faced by Stonewall+ was in finding a way to appeal to the wide range of tastes and interests in the 9 to 15 age group, a time when young people are experiencing rapid changes, eager to try out new things and developing a keen interest in social interactions. The website was designed to incorporate a funky and appealing Flash application that will allow each user to have a unique experience. Customization tools allow individuals to personalise the Hectic Nine-9 experience for their homepage. Users will be able to drag and resize icons, change the background colours and customize this as their default page.

The interactive platform relates to daily show content and encourages users to upload video footage and make suggestions on future content for the show. It is a modern website created to meet the needs of the modern television audience, therefore setting the overall tone and pace for the Hectic Nine-9 digital communications campaign.

Stonewall+ builds a dynamic website for tube series Hectic Nine-9
The Lifestyle section of the show - an insert on Mondays - is a platform where teens can share what they do at home, in malls, on the beach, after school or on the sports field. “15 seconds of Fame”, the insert on Fridays, will encourage users to send footage of themselves singing, dancing, or just doing crazy things with a friend - and if it's good enough, the footage will appear on TV.

In addition users can enter competitions, comment on presenter blogs and cast their vote in youth-targeted opinion polls. is a place where today's youth can voice their likes and dislikes. It was therefore crucial for Stonewall+ to create a platform that appeals to the target audience and provide them with tools to interact.

About Stonewall+

Stonewall+, the digital marketing agency, serves world-class companies and marketers such as Anglo American, Aspen Pharmacare, First National Bank, General Motors, Investec, JSE, Miller Genuine Draft, Nepad, Old Mutual, SA Tourism, Siemens, and Red Bull.

Stonewall+ engages with clients to effect change on a strategic level first, before creating user-centric experiences that build brands and transform the way in which people interact with them. Founded in 1997, Stonewall+ has been highly acknowledged for broadcast and interactive projects locally and internationally, whilst been published in three international Taschen publications.

With offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Stonewall+ makes it possible for businesses around South Africa, and the world, to strengthen their brands in the digital and online environment.

25 Oct 2007 07:34


You have to understand that a site like this is built after a marketing agency have come up with a look & feel for the client, Stonewall+ simply followed guidelines & improved on an already dodgy looking branding/identity campaign. All artwork gets handed over & the web designer has to stick to the guidelines.

This is just another case of designers being bullied by advertising agencies & then having to take the slack from the public for it.

Think further than your forehead please.
Posted on 8 Nov 2007 11:33
The show-
Has anyone seen the show?
Looks just like it!
Posted on 30 Oct 2007 17:03
SA Design-
Indicative of where South African design is at the moment … To much input from business stake holders.

I propose an acronym: DBB

Meaning: “Designed by Business” but I’d rather like to call it “Designed by baboons”

Anyway… its live … the client liked it … what more 2 say?
Posted on 25 Oct 2007 13:52
CHEAP doesn't even start to describe the site!-
I don't mean to be negative or rude... but the site looks like a 30min work and VERY cheap!!!

For a company of their reputation and standards... I still can't believe it was designed by STONEWALL+...

This is where the client assumes they're getting the best just because of the design company's previous clients...reputation (and maybe expensive office interior)

I wonder how much they charged for this standard of work...
Posted on 25 Oct 2007 13:11
ex prezence designer thinks....-
hi guys sorry but this design is not good. your own site is awesome well done!! but this one looks like 1) there is no focal point 2) I dont know if you wanted the vectors out of focus to have a desired effect... or is it badly optimised 3) The logos are not crisp and doesnt stand out...point 1

conculsion... looks like a jnr's work rather showcase a stronger site

thank you

PS: just looking out for you guys

ex prezence designer...
Posted on 25 Oct 2007 09:41
Drupal Modules Used-
Image Assist

And other standard Drupal 5 features
Posted on 25 Oct 2007 09:15
Hope the client knows what they paid for...-
I hope the client knows they paid for a re-skinning of drupal (nice skin, must admit).
Posted on 25 Oct 2007 09:09
Steve Jobs
Go channel meets drupal-
Wow, this site looks like the go channel mixed with drupal!
Posted on 25 Oct 2007 09:13
Nice drupal site-
I had a look at the source of the site, and it is built on drupal, which is a free CMS. Looks to me like Stonewall simply made a nice looking theme and a few modification which was most probably done with add on drupal modules.

You can download drupal from Its a bit flakey at times but ok to use.

There is nothing wrong with using Drupal, however, some type of credit should be given, it is the right thing to do.
Posted on 25 Oct 2007 09:00
This is a Drupal site it is not custom built from scratch.
Posted on 25 Oct 2007 08:57