Volcano takes to the road

Volcano Advertising has just wrapped a nationwide campaign where they were afforded the opportunity to tell their client - MAN Truck & Bus - to hit the road, literally. The conceptualisation and implementation of the launch and tour of the new TGS EfficientLine range of trucks from the German industry leader happened in a timeframe of less than three weeks, but this didn't affect the quality output of the campaign which easily stands out in a competitive and highly analytical freight, transport and operations industry.
Volcano takes to the road

The launch of the TGS EfficientLine range in South Africa follows hot off the heels of the European launch, The Volcano creative team, however, took a unique spin to make the concept relevant to the local market, introducing iconic South African landmarks to demonstrate the route of the Consistently Efficient Tour 2012 as well as drive the overall efficiency messaging of the campaign. The iconography also bears testament to the lifestyles of South Africa's long haul truck drivers, where a single day could take you past some of the country's most memorable towns, heritage sights and natural wonders.

Volcano Advertising's concept was then rolled out to a number of channels, including truck branding, tour collateral, activations, digital elements as well as print media executions. Critical then, was a sound creative campaign that translated well across a variety of channels, and that remained true to the brand essence, "King of the Long Haul'.

Volcano Creative Director, Glenn Jeffery, is confident that the end result speaks directly to a bottom-line driven target market, where every cent saved on fuel and total cost of ownership is critical to operations. "What remained key for us as a creative team was to ensure that the visual execution at the end of the day resonated with the market, supported by strong, direct copywriting that speaks to both the USP's of the range and the pockets of potential customers," says Glenn. "The application across multiple media channels was always at the back of our minds, something that's often forsaken for the thrill of a beautifully composed print ad. The end result is something we're all particularly proud about - and one that certainly stands its ground in a market cluttered with creative executions that talk product and not much else".

The TGS EfficientLine launch and Consistently Efficient Tour 2012 was the first campaign for new Volcano client, MAN Truck and Bus, and is currently in post-tour phase - reinforcing the proven energy and fuel efficiency results from the nationwide tour, while continuing to position MAN as a leading supplier of heavy trucks and passenger buses in South Africa.

For more information on the MAN Consistently Efficient Tour 2012 and the results achieved, visit http://www.consistently-efficient.co.za/

4 Oct 2012 12:33