It's all action in Volcano Advertising's new Bubbaloo TV ad

Themed as 'Release what's inside' is exactly what Volcano Advertising did for the re-launch of the Cadbury's Chappie's Bubbaloo brand. The challenge of the campaign was to capture the lifestyle of the target market by clearly communicating the differentiating qualities of this brand new chewing gum range.
The challenge of the advertising campaign was to realistically capture the actual and authentic lifestyle of today's urban youth market and the myriad of activities associated with this market. To encapsulate the vital youthful essence the team had to be very careful when casting the ad which did not feature any professional actors, but instead, talented and highly creative individuals who excel in, dancing, graffiti and a variety of urban extreme sports.

The exciting visual art of the graffiti illustrations, backed by exciting and pulsating original rap music, specially scored and choreographed to the explosive action sequences, ensures that this commercial clearly positions Chappie's Bubbaloo as an integral part of the target market's big-city contemporary lifestyle.
5 Jun 2005 09:07