Loeries 2011: Glory achieved by Volcano Advertising for Garmin Fitness campaign

Loeries 2011 saw Volcano Advertising, one of the leading independent agencies in the country; achieve glory with the Garmin Fitness campaign. Proudly developed by Volcano Advertising, Egg Films and Sinister Studios the campaign took home a gold award for special effects and a silver award for cinematography.
Garmin Distribution Africa Pty (Ltd.) (GDA), the global leader in lifestyle and navigation based technology, in partnership with Volcano Advertising, launched the Garmin Fitness brand on the back of an explosive campaign in late 2010.

"We are ecstatic with the result, and would like to thank Garmin for allowing us the opportunity to work on the epic campaign. It is an achievement for one ad to receive four nominations, let alone winning in the world-renowned Loeries Awards," commented Francois Boshoff - Volcano Creative Director.

Walter Mech - Garmin Group Marketing and Sales Director concluded, "Congratulations to Volcano, Egg Films and Sinister for their role in the development of the Garmin Fitness campaign. To date we have been able to increase sales since November last year to well over 27%. A remarkable achievement, one that was offset by a unique campaign developed off the back of a strong strategy."

19 Sep 2011 11:45