Garmin Fitness achieves glory - with a 30% increase in sales

The global leader in lifestyle and navigation technology, Garmin Distribution Africa (GDA), recently challenged perceptions of the brand by launching Garmin Fitness. Breaking new ground, Garmin Fitness has been very well accepted and has allowed Garmin to solidify their position in the health and wellness segment, becoming one of the top performing regions in the brand's global footprint.
Garmin Fitness achieves glory - with a 30% increase in sales
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"Technology is a thrilling industry to be involved in; however we need to challenge ourselves constantly to remain relevant inour consumers' fast moving modern lifestyles. Garmin is an innovative brand and by introducing Garmin Fitness we have offered consumers the opportunity to re-think how technology fits in their lives," commented Walter Mech - Garmin Director Group Marketing and Sales.

Mech continued, "The results speak for themselves. The Garmin Fitness campaign has achieved a 30% year on year increase in sales. We expected a spike in sales during the months of November and December, following the launch of the TV commercial and with a strong strategy fuelling the campaign;we have been able to effectively maintain this growth."

Garmin Fitness achieves glory - with a 30% increase in sales
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The Volcano Group, the country's largest independent through-the-line agency, was tasked to develop an engaging and thought-provoking launch campaign with multiple touch-points for consumers.

"The campaign needed to deliver on two key objectives; launch Garmin Fitness within the SA market and secondly to position Garmin as a lifestyle brand. We decided on an unconventional route,and the positive results have paid off. Garmin Fitness is a brand that stands for glory and innovation, and challenges the perception of fitness within the market. We want consumers to understand that by teaming up with a Garmin Fitness device, they have a partner for life, after all Glory is not a destination. It's a journey," commented Francois Boshoff - Volcano Creative Director.

The success of the Garmin Fitness launch campaign has been attributed to a few simple factors: the project team made use of an integrated marketing communications approach, which combined a multitude of platforms, allowing for constant consumer engagement. These included:
  • Through-the-line campaign components, which included a TV commercial and print;
  • Sponsorship opportunities with like-minded brands such as Adventure Boot Camp and Run Walk for Life;
  • Alignment with key media partners;
  • Strategic public relations campaign, with a strong digital and social networking component;
  • Strong POS elements, which assisted in driving home the core messages as seen on other platforms;
  • Creation of a successfulGarmin Ambassador Programme.
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4 Mar 2011 12:47