Guided by instinct and inspired by glory

Garmin introduce their Fitness brand with an explosive new campaign.

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Garmin Distribution Africa (Pty) Ltd (GDA), the global leader in lifestyle and navigation based technology, launched the Garmin Fitness brand with an explosive campaign. Making use of their strategic partnership with their agency, Volcano, to develop the integrated campaign aimed at engaging with consumers.

The Garmin brand essence across the Automotive and Fitness verticals is that both products take the consumer on a "Journey". Following on from the success of the 'Instinct' campaign, this has become synonymous with emotive and powerful imagery. The Garmin Fitness TVC (Television Campaign) is no different. Volcano Advertising was briefed to develop a TV commercial that would encapsulate the brand essence of Garmin Fitness. The goal was to communicate that Garmin Fitness devices are the ideal fitness training partner.

Walter Mech, Garmin Group Sales and Marketing Director stated "The Volcano team have done it again with yet another powerful TV commercial. With a clear direction in mind the team embarked on an epic brand campaign, managing to keep the consistency of the viewer being taken on a journey of discovery through a well thought-out plot while using emotive imagery."

In true Garmin style, the Fitness TV commercial has been created to evoke conversation; it is by no means an 'ordinary' fitness commercial with the 'expected' sights and sounds. Instead, Garmin Fitness is setting new boundaries in the fitness category by representing the inner battle every athlete or individual with a fitness goal undergoes to achieve their glory. This representation is literally brought to life by an action-packed battle sequence, with explosions; guns and full army gear, further enhanced by the gloomy and dull colours representing a battle scene. The final scene reveals the athlete within, he has overcome his internal battle and achieved his fitness goal. Egg Films took the vision of both Garmin and Volcano Advertising to make the inner battle a reality, more importantly to position the brand as the perfect fitness companion.

"Our new (and equally "left-field") commercial for Garmin Fitness takes the audience on a journey into the mind of an athlete as he participates in a particularly challenging triathlon. We capture his darkest moments as he pushes himself further and further; the fact that this particular individual equates his journey to glory as being swept up in an epic battle, not only makes the commercial highly entertaining, but it also defines Garmin Fitness devices as the perfect companions to get you through." Says Volcano Creative Director Francois Boshoff.

This national fitness campaign kicks-off with the TV commercial (airing on M-net, DSTV boutique, e-TV and SABC) from 25 November 2010, supported with print media and in store presence.

One of many key elements of this campaign was to keep it local. Garmin is a well-loved South African product, and prides itself in using the best local production teams.
"36 hours of filming, 3 challenging locations (including old mine areas is Westonarnia, Venterspost and the Bronkhorstspruit Dam), temperamental weather, over 200 crew, bomb blasts and a lengthy prop list - the Garmin Fitness TV commercial is truly one of the most challenging sets I have been part of, but one of the most rewarding. The depiction of the inner struggle, as well as the importance of the journey, were our key focuses as these needed to be strong in the TVC, but we didn't want to spoon feed the viewer. It is important to leave something to the imagination," commented Francois Boshoff, Volcano Creative Director.

Tasha Hodgson, Volcano Senior Copywriter said, "Garmin Fitness products are already being used and endorsed by professional athletes; our brief from Garmin Fitness was to promote the brand to not only these professionals, but to the ordinary Jane's and Joe's who want to get fit. From basic fitness watches to GPS-enabled trainers, Garmin Fitness products take training to a whole new level; a new level you'll definitely feel after watching the commercial. 'Glory is not a destination. It's a journey,' represents whatever glory means to you.'

Television Credits
Client: Walter Mech, Garmin Distribution Africa (GDA)
Advertising Agency: Volcano Advertising
Creative Director: Francois Boshoff
Senior Copywriter: Tasha Hodgson
Director: Slim, Egg Films
DOP: Werner Martiz
Post Production: Christian van der Walt, Sinister Studios
Offline Editor: James Hosking, Left Post
Music and Sound Composition: Lorens Persson, Sterling Studios

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Guided by instinct and inspired by gloryGuided by instinct and inspired by glory
Guided by instinct and inspired by gloryGuided by instinct and inspired by glory
Guided by instinct and inspired by glory

29 Nov 2010 13:05