Volcano connects with Altech Autopage Cellular

Altech Autopage Cellular appointed the Volcano Group to develop and produce the brand's 2010 summer retail campaign. After winning the pitch, Volcano swiftly went to market with a new creative pay-off line, 'Connecting you to more'. Aimed at bringing to life the brand differentiators for the organisation, which is the largest independent provider of cellular telephony in the country.
Volcano connects with Altech Autopage Cellular
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"Connecting you to more" enables the communications to focus on the key brand promises namely - the fact that Altech Autopage Cellular is able to uniquely offer its customers a connection with all cellular network operators and all mobile technology brands. Through Altech Autopage Cellular, consumers are able to connect to music; movies; games; apps; social networking platforms and more - the exciting opportunities are literally endless, especially as the mobile phone quickly becomes the most used and easily accessible technology of our time.

"It was essential for Volcano to develop a brand strategy that encompassed the excitement of the telecommunications industry with connectivity at its core. Working with Altech Autopage Cellular, the leader within their field, we are constantly aware of the fact that a positioning strategy that offers consumers so much more, would need to adapt as quickly as the brand and industries evolution. Following on the development of 'Connecting you to more', the creative team under the leadership of Creative Director Glenn Jeffery, developed a campaign that would communicate that message immediately. The cellular industry is fast and exciting and we are privileged to be aligned with such an innovative and forward thinking brand," commented Paul Jackson, the Volcano Group MD.

The Altech Autopage Cellular Summer Campaign was introduced to market in late October spearheaded by a TV commercial, which cleverly incorporates 'smartphone technology' and makes use of other touch points including print, OOH, digital and POS to deliver the message.

Glenn Jeffery, Volcano Creative Director concluded, "Altech Autopage Cellular connects you to more than just phones and subscription contracts, they are a brand that empowers you and connects you to life. Our summer sales campaign TVC reflected this brand direction in the context of the halcyon days of summer. The message of making summer your own is portrayed through the view of a mobile phone screen where a person's ideal summer experience is created with just the touch of a finger. It's a powerful emotive message that evokes the fun of summer, with a slightly nostalgic feeling that imaginatively illustrates how only Altech Autopage Cellular "Connects you to More sunshine this summer."

Altech Autopage Cellular Summer Campaign development team:
Paul Jackson - Volcano MD - strategy development and execution
Peter Niemack - Volcano Business Unit Director Executive - strategy development and execution
Glenn Jeffery - Volcano Creative Director - creative concept
Beth Frank - Volcano Art Director - creative concept
Conrad de Kock - Volcano Copywriter - creative concept
Ministry of Illusion - post production including online and animation of the summer campaign TVC
Adam Howard - sound, design and audio for the summer campaign TVC

For more information about the Volcano Group visit www.volcano.co.za or phone 011 706 3060.
26 Nov 2010 09:06